This website is an unordered collection of links, documents and other resources cobbled together with this rather funky wordpress software.

I’m not coming from a religious or scriptural background – maybe that makes this different??

Not unlike many ball earth sceptics and stationary planers, I am not coming from a religious standpoint, though I think it is important to study any/all ancient texts, scriptures, mythos and legends. They all lend a hand in joining the dots of the massive deception that we call life. What I ‘believe’ is largely irrelevant, What I claim to know is what you should test.

I wanted to start this blog from a position of knowledge, so it’s 2 years behind the curve of the stationary plane realisation for a reason. I’ve been researching this and other mass deceptions hard, I have been debating all levels of dispute and acquiring the proofs I need.

I’ve personally reviewed all the content on here but it may have been a while ago, so if you have any better resources or more up-to-date material then please forward it to me for review and possible inclusion.

Many thanks for visiting, and I hope the site offers you the fascination this knowledge brings me