To Keep Up With The Stationary Plane

Cling to spinning ball hanging people Screenshot from 2015-10-07 13_28_13

A friend of mine, recently showed some interest in the stationary plane department.

“I tell you what, there is so much shite out there on FE and other topics compared to what it was like in 2015. If you’re interested in decent, rational, logical discussion about these topics, I’ll point you to the top 5 places I go” …. I said



Crrow777 radio dot com

The Higherside Chats (THC) (non FE, but ironically my 1st encounter with the topic)

Veritas Radio (Mel Fabrigas)


How can anyone choose just 5?

I will be adding to this page over time, as finding the good stuff is getting harder to do.

I don’t align 100% with anyone. I think it would be naive to think any of us do. But as minds and ideas go, I enjoy hearing those above most of the time

Don’t forget our very own vented cylinder – Iron Realm Media
We do our best to stay under the radar … and we do it well

Hours upon hours of sifting, will get you some prize nuggets

Lets see how many of these links still work in 2025

Feel free to comment below with search terms that will lead to other resources, don’t leave web links as they will be deleted (we don’t need any more boner pill spam)

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