Impossible Heliocentric Moon Phases Explained



a intro

Please see the video explanation of this first:







Note from the below, how the visible horizon as depicted in modern education (Albeit in the context of so-called celestial parallax)

paralax visible horizon from astronavigationobserved visible true horizon definition, notCrescent Moon at Midnight



Note, no matter how far you extend the moon, it will never rise above the visible horizon line


Gibbous Moon at Midday



Similarly, the gibbous moon will never be above the visible horizon at midday, without changing it’s phasemno


Watch out for these upcoming dates and times during 2019

Gibbous at Midday:



Crescent at Midnight:




Let me know what you see …

We have some excellent observations in for the 12th March 2019, where, according to, the crescent moon was visible at midnight throughout the US.

And so it was :-

crescent midnight newyork

Jenna Freda New York

crescent midnight redhenn travis

Travis (The Plane Truth) from RedHenn Radio

Zach's crescent at midnight florida.PNG

Zachary Zaballa (GuTims4All)


Thanks to all that contributed to this evidence. More to come …