Accurate Fictional Curvature Calculator

curve 1Capture


Before Adam explains how this was derived, here are the two formulas for kilometres and miles

curve 13 bracketed Capturecurve 15 bracketed Capture

curve 2Capturecurve 3Capturecurve 4Capturecurve 5Capturecurve 6Capturecurve 7Capturecurve 8Capturecurve 9Capturecurve 10Capturecurve 11Capturecurve 12 bracketed Capturecurve 13 bracketed Capturecurve 14Capturecurve 15 bracketed Capture

Many thanks and credit goes to Adam Meakin (@Larcheored)

2 thoughts on “Accurate Fictional Curvature Calculator

  1. Daz Lartist December 23, 2017 / 3:48 pm

    This might be the most important tool in modern science that should have been in text books hundreds of years ago!! Nice work man


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