Flat Earth – Heliocentrism Expires August 21, 2017?


total eclipse Screenshot from 2017-08-02 23:03:52.png

Dear Science: Why does the eclipse shadow travel from west to east?

Did you hear that? “The moon orbits twice as fast as the earth spins”? Now before you slip in helio head-space and point out that the moon travels on it’s orbit at a supposed 2288mph compared the the earth’s supposed spin edge velocity of 1040mph at the equator, which will no doubt form the basis for NASA’s ‘plausible deniability’ in this gaff, listen again. Not only does the NASA ‘Scientist’ say this, he also motions the same with his hands and then an animation showing the moon orbiting the earth nearly 3 times in one 24hr day is shown. I’d like to just point out that ‘if’ the moon orbited the earth twice or more a day, all the phases of the moon would be seen multiple times a day. However the impossibility of the moon phases in the heliocentric theory has never stopped the attempted indoctrination before…. Moving on.

The next animation is what we were all taught in heliocentric Science as to the relationship between the moon’s orbit and the earth’s spin (top left graphic)

NASA | South Up Moon Phase & Libration 2013: Moon with Additional Graphics

So 4 years ago, NASA (and every ‘Science’ book out there today) were saying  the moon orbits the earth in 27-29 days – What changed?

Full NASA Article here:


To explain the 2017 eclipse NASA are having to fudge everything. I’ve seen numerous animations where the earth is spinning from East to West, or the sun is moving and causing a pivoting shadow. Whatever happens, this eclipse will probably be the most watched, analysed and modelled event in a long time. Thanks to Flat Earth realisation.

Following are the arguments for and against the West to East shadow movement caused by the August eclipse and the size of the moon’s shadow on the Earth

The August 21st, 2017 Total Eclipse and the Flat Earth

The August 21st, 2017 Total Eclipse and the Flat Earth – Part 2

Flat Earth Ground’n’Pounds the Globe

Flat Earth – Heliocentrism Expires August 21, 2017

Flat Earth Eclipse Chat (feat. ‘Flat Earth Math’)

But as with most things on this flat earth, not all agree this is not possible on the ball

The Globe Model Of The Solar Eclipse Is Correct. Not Proof of Flat Earth.

Then I saw this animation on Globebusters (timestamped), which actually makes some sense, but is not how the NASA scientist tried to explain it in the first video.

Full show here

However, one inaccuracy in this animation is that the  moon has been positioned 13 earth diameters away from earth, when the heliocentric model has the moon at 30 earth diameters away.

eclipse animation 13 earth away globebustersScreenshot from 2017-07-31 21:33:08.png

Whether this will change the outcome of the eclipse, I’m not sure as yet, but I will be following it with interest

So, as always, you decide.

I’ll be updating this thread as and when new analysis comes alone. I don’t think this will be the last we’ll hear of this.



Here’s a

360 Study For Total Solar Eclipse At 2017 August 21 In 8K from @Zproxy


More modelling from NASA showing moon’s orbit faster that the earth’s spin

A New View of August’s Total Solar Eclipse


This was probably the video that made me reconsider the West to East shadow movement (why NASA couldn’t have explained this is anyone’s guess)

In the video above the following comment is made

Responsible flatearthers could try to understand the heliocentric model a little better…”

And this statement may well be true, however when we are presented with NASA’s so-called scientists trying to explain how the moon orbits the earth nearly 3 times a day, shows models of this and claims it’s always been this way, then is it any wonder that most of the population is in confusion about what is actually happening in the skys above us?

The video also makes the observation that

I have yet to come across any open world type solar system simulations where you can fly around in a perfect working model”

Why don’t we have these tools available to the public? Maybe the bigger question should be why hasn’t NASA got these tools and accurate simulations in order to explain the eclipse without butchering 500 years of heliocentric fudging in an attempt to reconcile the West to East shadow?

This was an honest look at the heliocentric model, highlighting the many other anomalies which still need answers

And this is (of course) what’s likely happening on our stationary plane in August 2017

Some great AutoCAD & 3D Studio Max work presented by Rob Durham

And here’s a great simple demonstration by a twitter friend Civilian X, which also shows how the shadow can be cast smaller that the casting body