Michelson Morley To Einstein – From Science To Scientism


Michelson-Morely Experiment in 1887

The Michelson-Morley Experiment is taught in our schools as an integral part of Einstein’s theories on relativity and the non-existence of ether [i]. What is not so commonly taught is that Einstein was forced to invent the theory of relativity in response to the findings of experiments by Michelson, Morley and others.

albert michelson edward morley photo portrait Screenshot from 2017-05-03 15:41:32.png
Professor Albert Abraham Michelson (Nobel Prise winning Physicist)[1] & Professor Edward Williams Morley [2]
By developing an interferometer that could split a beam of light and send it in different directions (e.g. with the alleged spin of the earth and perpendicular to the spin), Michelson and Morley were able to determine the stationary nature of the earth.


The original purpose of this experiment was to prove the existence of ether. According to the theory, light should move through the ether at different speeds, depending on your relative movement through space. However, since the earth is not ‘moving through space’ [ii] the results were ‘nil’, and it was found the light was received from 16 different directions without any tell-tale interference fringe patterns.

interference fringe patterns Screenshot from 2017-05-03 21:59:36.png

This line of scientific enquiry was later repeated and refined by Nordmeyer (1903), Michelson-Gale (1925) and Professor Georges M. M. Sagnac [3] in 1913.

Sagnac determined an effect of light velocity that is still utilised today and forms the basis of operation for modern ring laser gyroscopes [4].

“Practical applications of the Sagnac Effect

The Sagnac Effect is employed in current technology. One use is in Inertial guidance systems. Ring interferometers are extremely sensitive to rotations, which need to be accounted for if an inertial guidance system is to return correct results.”

The experiment in 1887 consisted of the interferometer being mounted on a heavy stone block, carried by a wooden disc floating on a tank of mercury. Due to contested variables such as height above sea level, exposure to elements and temperature, the experiment was repeated at different locations and under different conditions by several scientists over several years, including R. J. Kennedy and K. K. Illingworth (1927) and it was even conducted in a Balloon at 2500 meters by Piccard and Stahel between 1926 – 28.

No trace of earth’s motion was ever found.

These experiments have been known about and ignored or misinterpreted for over a century now and they formed the catalyst for Einstein to spew forth his faulty theory of relativity [4.1] The theory of relativity entirely and conveniently ‘did away with’ the ether, and it remains a fundamental tenet of the Religion of Scientism (or “Trust Me!” Science) to this day.

“The failure to detect any influence of the earth’s motion on the velocity of light really formed the starting point of Einstein’s theory of relativity” – Encyclopedia Britannica

Search for alternative or even impartial interpretations for these world halting experiments today, and one will have to dig deep to find a paper that dares stray from the accepted, indoctrinated, dogmatic scriptures (text books) of ‘monkey-man science’.

It seems the further back in history one delves we find a far more open, honest and non-centrally controlled, critical thinking base to draw from [4.2], Gerrard Hickson is just one example

The Michelson-Morley experiment from Kings Dethroned by Gerrard Hickson (1922) chapter 11 (pictured below)[5]

“…the result showed that the earth did not move at all!

‘The Motion through the æther was NIL,’ …

But the world of astronomy has not accepted that result, for it continues to preach the old dogma ; it appears that they are willing to accept the decisions of physicists when it suits their case, but reject them when otherwise. And so they still maintain the fabulous theory that the earth is rushing through space…”

stationary earth kings dethroned p60-61 Screenshot from 2017-05-03 15:12:56.png

“Even then astronomers were determined to hold on to their ancient theories, and deny the facts which had been twice demonstrated by the best means known to modern physical science”

Stationary earth kings dethroned p62-63 end Screenshot from 2017-05-03 15:14:23.png

In 1986 The US Air Force repeated the Michelson-Morley experiment, and although the write-up in Nature Journal Volume 322 is deliberately convoluted, the existence of ether and the stationary nature of earth, was once again proven [6]


The article above is discussed in this video with Greg Braden (former Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems)[7]

“We may therefore say that the broad result of a series of experiments of Michelson-Morley type is that no motion of the earth through the ether can be detected by an influence on the velocity of light.” – Encyclopedia Britannica (1959)

The true nature of science has lost it’s way …. it’s no longer about observation, measurement, testability and repeatability. Science today has become a religion of faith, trust and belief in greater men than we. The masses now need to rely on the testimony of CERN, NASA [7.1], The United Nations [7.2] and other non-accountable sources for fundamental building blocks that make up our history, cosmology, nature and beginnings.

The Michelson-Morley experiment, along with others such as Airy and Rowbotham [8], remain unchallenged to this day. No one can show the curve or the spin of earth, however plenty can demonstrate using the scientific method, that earth is a stationary plane.

By John Savage (@SwearyG)

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