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Flat Earth FAQ

What are the greatest proofs of a flat earth?

If the earth was a ball, we can calculate the curvature at 8 inches per mile squared (8x^2). This means for example, that at 15 miles away we should have a 150 foot drop. This would easily hide islands, boats, lighthouses, cities and so much more. However that is not what we see. In fact, we can sometimes see 50 plus miles away on a clear day which should be impossible. Since it would result in thousands of feet of curvature. Even at 15 miles there should be a staggering 150 foot drop. However boats, islands and many other things are easily seen at that distance. There is an overwhelming amount of videos showing this. So the myth of things disappearing over the water line has other causes. Over the water there is a lot of refraction and extremely dense air which can occasionally block the bottom of buildings and boats. This air and refraction can cause “Inferior Mirage”, “Fata Morgana” and “Superior Mirage” which can cause light to bend up or down. Air to dense water bends down, dense water to less dense air bends up. Temperature can effect this as well. Air density can block things that are too far away like looking through 1000 sheets of glass. Compare to a foggy day where you can’t see even a few feet in front of you. However, things are seen even at 100 miles away such as Corsica which would be over a mile of curvature. There are too many examples of this to ignore. Also independent high altitude balloon footage not fitted with a fish eye lens shows no signs of curvature even at 20+ miles of altitude. There are so many proofs for example the lack of observable spin, longitude lines and distances over the southern hemisphere, experiments that invalidate curvature and so forth. All of the best information on the subject is scattered throughout the internet and YouTube. However there are priceless gems of information in corners of the internet. A good place to start looking for proof is in Eric Dubays “200 proofs the earth is not a spinning globe”. It should be stated here, that the flat earth movement is about disproving the globe theory and providing a superior model to replace it with. It is a search for truth using science and it is a model of fewer assumptions.

How does the sun set on a flat earth?

Most people ignore refraction and air density in their arguments. When things get farther from you they appear smaller. And they also appear to descend to the horizon. However the horizon we see is significantly higher than the true horizon. This is because air is not transparent! When you watch a sunset, you are also looking through 1000s of miles of low, middle and high altitude air. The high altitude air is thinner. That is why clouds float and why helium balloons rise. Due to buoyancy/density. Its also why boats float. So the thin upper atmosphere forms a wall of air after 100+ miles. This blocks your view of the sun and causes it to get cut off bottom first. The sun changes color gradually, things get darker before sunset. Also the light curves towards you. This is because light refracts in the upper atmosphere. You can prove this by looking at examples of “advanced sunrise” and “delayed sunset”. The sun has been seen to set, then rise again an hour later, then set again an hour later and so forth. Wikipedia actually gave this advanced sunrise example. Light curves up in the upper atmosphere and down in the lower atmosphere. This is due to Snells Law. Also the limits of our eyes, curved lenses and perspective play a role in this. Things below you such as the ground converge to the horizon and things above you also converge to the horizon. A curved lens on your eye or camera lens can produce a similar effect. When the sun goes below the horizon, there is still light for a good portion of the day so whether or not it is visible versus whether some of the lights reaches you are decoupled. However the things most people seem to forget about are air density and refraction/Snells Law.

What is Snells Law?

Snells Law is a method for calculating refraction. When things go from low refraction to high refraction, light angles down. When things go from high refraction to low refraction light angles up. This bends/changes the angle of light. Snells Law disproves “far away” stars because light would eventually be bent after quintillions of miles. The probability is too high that even a 0.0000001 degree change in angle would cause light to miss us completely making consistent star trails impossible. Our atmosphere forms a density gradient. Things that are buoyant rise (like clouds and balloons). Helium and Hydrogen rise, Hydrogen above Helium so for example, when light goes from Hydrogen to Helium light bends up towards you. All chemicals/elements have a refractive index so light will always change slightly everywhere it goes. These angular changes become extremely significant over many miles. When combining elements this can greatly exaggerate the refractivity. For example, by placing sugar in water you can see light bend using a laser pointer. Add to this diffusion, reflection and other important things that happen to light in the atmosphere which require study.

What is Stick and Shadow?

Stick and Shadow was the original “proof” of a ball thousands of years ago. It was rejected at the time. When light casts a Shadow on an object, you can measure the angle of the shadow. Using this you can triangulate the suns height. Eratosthenes though that because the results of this experiment fluctuated too much, that he must be on a ball explaining longer shadows at sunset. However, because of REFRACTION, the Shadows length is seriously effected by changes in the angle of light. This makes the experiment useless in determining the suns height. Also because light refracts, the sun is lower than most Flat Earthers believed in the past (possibly lower than 1000 miles). The suns true height cannot be known using this experiment.

What is buoyancy? How does temperature effect density?

Buoyancy and air density is a strong player in “gravity”. Things in water fall slow, things in air fall faster, things in a vacuum chamber fall extremely fast. Things that are less dense rise. This is why balloons rise. Temperature effects density. When things are heated, molecules expand. When things are cooled, molecules contract. This means things that are hot refract less, things that are cold refract more. This is why hot air balloons rise. Buoyancy causes clouds to float, causes boats to float and can even cause a balloon to hover in mid-air.

How do ships disappear over the horizon?

Heavy water vapor filled air falls to the ocean. After enough miles it will appear to be exactly like the water. For example, have you ever driven through fog?! Sometimes you can’t see feet in front of you. So imagine 10 miles of heavy water vapor. In fact if you zoom in on boats that have disappeared you can usually bring them back into focus. Also waves and wave swell can cause many boats to appear to disappear. The water line will change in shape slightly causing prolonged dips and waves. And most importantly there is refraction. For example, because of refraction, sometimes you see an optical illusion where the boat reflects off the water and looks as if it was floating. When its very far, it looks like the boat is covered in mist. The same is true for cities, the water line is always slightly higher and you can prove this by looking at the difference in color at the horizon(because there is usually an air gradient). Inferior mirage is when something below refracts and appears above. Water over the ocean will usually show an inferior mirage causing the water line to appear higher. This is because the water vapor and heavy air falls to the water line due to weight/density. So the light at the water line bends upwards slightly (Snells Law). People mistake this mirage for curvature. Inferior mirages are much more common than superior mirages. A superior mirage is where an image appears below its actual position. This is all due to refraction. A city on land can appear slightly lower over the water because you move from a less dense to a more dense environment. This is because there is more dense water vapor refracting light over a lake or ocean for example. Also the water looking out towards the city, will appear higher because it will bend up going from a dense medium to a less dense medium (Snells Law). Consider it does not require a large degree of refraction for this effect to occur. If you see 50 feet of the bottom of a building cut off at 40 miles away, the water level must only refract by 0.013 degrees roughly. This is a much more subtle, humble and realistic scenario than an entire city curving over a horizon due to a mirage as ball earth theories would want you to believe.

How can you circumnavigate or go “around” a flat earth?

This is simply because north pole is in the center. You use a compass to point to it. So the compass always points at it. When you go west or east you are just going around the center. Test this yourself. Put a powerful magnet in the middle of your room, head west. You will walk in a circle.

What about photos/videos of the earth?

None of the photos match. That proves NASA is lying. In some photos the united states appears giant almost double the size and in others its small. You can see cloud patterns copied from lazy CGI and sometimes clouds missing for half the planet. Videos of the earth are worse. Clouds don’t move in the alleged videos during entire rotations. And one of the worst videos was of the “Dark Side of the Moon” where you can see a green outline and a very bad CGI of the moon. It wasn’t even a video but a few frames. The satellite would have had to have been a half million miles away to get the shot it did. NASA admits to photos of the earth being composite images made from strips. That sort of makes sense because they just need to use data from planes that capture video of the earth and stitch that together. The problem?! If earth was a ball we would an have 1000s of photos, not CGI composites. An alleged photo was “taken” of the earth from the moon but it was too small. When you import that image into Photoshop you can tell the earth was added. When you question this, they will start giving all kinds of excuses for why they can’t simply snap a photo of it. Footage of planets is even worse. Especially in the 60s and 70s. NASA again will make all kinds of excuses about needing to capture light a special way and so forth. When you look at the footage it is absolutely fake looking. Not only does it look fake but photos and videos never match. NASA also subcontracts the other planet images making it easier to conceal. They have teams that stitch together images from strips of imagery to cleverly hide the fact that there is no actual “complete” images. We can snap a photo of the sun or moon with ease from earth. The lack of photo or video evidence speaks for itself.

What about footage above the clouds? Can’t we see a curve? I saw the Red Bull space jump and there was a curve.

The Red Bull jump shows the curve moving. It goes upside down, flat, right side up, convex, concave, flat. This is because they use a fish eye lens. Its just that nobody actually pays attention to the footage, its extremely obvious too! The fish eye lens are commonly used for wide angle shots. The problem is, they cause a massive curve for things that are far away. This is because of the angle the light is coming in at to the lens. This footage is embarrassing, it shows a curve flopping around like a wet noodle. All NASA or other Government space agencies footage is with fish eye, CGI, and green screen. People who do not use a fish eye lens see a perfectly flat horizon. In fact, there are tons of independent scientists who verify this themselves and you can too. Send up a camera without fish eye and you will see no curve. The fact that fish eye causes this effect should tell you something about how all lenses change the appearance of things..

Why would anyone lie about this?

There are many reasons. The most significant is to hide intelligent design. They don’t want the public thinking that this place had a creator. That means they don’t want us to believe in God, Aliens, a Matrix, Spiritualism, or any other form of creator that may exist including the possibility that the humans built this place themselves. We are not promoting any theories! We are only going to discuss reasons for lying and methods to accomplish this. The major key to maintaining this lie is controlling the schools curriculum and controlling the media and the military intelligence agencies. It’s no secret that 1000s of news media outlets are owned by the same handful of people. This means the entire news media can be controlled through the wire. Although religion is extremely popular, and you would think this does not effectively destroy it, however most of what astronomers tell us contradict EVERY single religion in history. There was not a single religion in history that did not think the earth was flat. And no religion believed in evolution either which also contradicts intelligent design. This creates conflict within religion, denial and contradiction. The bible for example has hundreds of passages describing a flat earth, a dome firmament, a fixed earth, sitting on pillars and so forth. Only one passage is cited as “the circle of the earth” but circle doesn’t signify sphere in fact, they had a word for sphere/ball and it was not used in that passage. With the north pole in the center, that does form a “circular” pattern and the word is being mis-used since it can also mean “the compass of the earth”. We are not promoting a religion, we are only giving a very big potential motive. Hiding any kind of creator and making our world look like a happy accident of random circumstance is a huge motive. Yet, statistical impossibilities that cannot be attributed to chance such as the moon being the same diameter as the sun make their circumstantial model hard to accept without making a lot of excuses and this is only one of many examples. Also, some people theorize they are hiding land. It also psychologically makes people nihilistic and they feel insignificant. Imagine how we feel when we are thinking we are a tiny speck in the universe in between sextillions of stars, that makes us easier to control. However, when you tell the people that the stars moon and sun revolve around them, they obviously start feeling more significant, empowered and they ask a lot more questions. Plus, NASA rakes in trillions of dollars in tax payers money. Its easier to fake going to space than it is to actually go there. Money is always a motive and people have been known to do really bad things for money much worse than lying about stars. Also, imagine what would happen if this lie was exposed? Realize that once the government starts lying, the lie can easily get bigger. Then after time passes, if it gets exposed there would be a major revolution. The majority of the military would rebel against the politicians. Entire government sectors would be shut down, and other scientific bodies would be questioned as well. The government has to protect this lie now for national security purposes or else every single person in a position of power would be arrested and possibly executed. I would say that is a pretty good motive to maintain the lie especially if you are extremely powerful. And they say “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. This is why the control of the media is the most important thing. This FAQ is media for example, but as long as they can prevent this from being read or believed by the majority, they will control the popular opinion. There are other exotic theories about Extortion, Leveraging Prisoners, MK Ultra, Cloning Centers, Aliens and Demons, and people selling their souls however those are all belief systems. If you look at how intelligence agencies and schools are run and how profiling works, there is ways to control secrets extremely well from the top down before the need to have an extra layer of belief. Its called “compartmentalization” and “disinformation”. The flat earth is not a belief system. It can be scientifically tested and every shred of scientific evidence favors it. You can’t prove a lie. You can prove the truth, you can prove the earth is not a spinning ball regardless of your religious beliefs.

What about satellites?

Technology for radio was around before satellites. Also, long distant communication has been possible with a technology called Skywave. Its a technology that reflects waves off the ionosphere. When you want to make a long distance phone call, or send information, its easier to send a signal above the clouds because there is not as much air density. Lastly, its more efficient to use high altitude balloons. The government only needs to use helium balloons or weather balloons to transmit signals. Why bother sending a satellite thousands of miles away?! The other problem is, all photos of alleged satellites look like cartoons. The Hubble telescope looks like a flying aluminum tin can. How does any satellite get past the thermosphere and not melt in the thousands of degrees of supposed temperature?

What about the ISS?

The space station cannot possibly be where they say they are because of the extreme heat that they claim is up there. Whatever heats the particles must heat the ship. It looks like a terribly constructed ship, not aerodynamic and there has been serious questions about their air locks. Space walks are done in a NASA training facility, which is a swimming pool. You can see footage of that on the internet. Which is also self-evident in the footage of space walks where you see air bubbles in the water. The interior shots are faked in two ways, one with jets that go up high and dive to simulate zero gravity which can be seen by the harnesses on the passengers and the similarities to Zero G dives. Also they use CGI. Did Sandra Bullock and George Clooney also go to space in the movie “Gravity”? A lot is possible when you have a multi-billion dollar yearly budget. It’s cheaper to fake space, they can embezzle serious money using this program. Why do they put parts on the outside of the ship so they can show off fancy space walks? Nothing important should be on the outside. Vacuums are extremely dangerous. Things explode in vacuums and air gets sucked out of even the smallest holes. A layer of glass on their helmets will not protect them from a vacuum. Any shred of an air leak at all would cause them to perish. Helium balloons explode all the time in space. If they can’t get a helium balloon higher than 30 miles without it exploding from having more air pressure inside than outside then how can they get giant rockets above 30 miles? The heat and cold from the sun will cause serious life-threatening circumstances daily. For example, arctic expeditions are so dangerous, that people do not explore into the deep south pole too often. Imagine temperatures ranging from -300 degrees to 2500 degrees. The ship could never withstand this. Yet they put solar panels on the outside of it and they expect us to believe that wont melt or freeze. People on the ISS never look like they are in such a seriously life threatening situation. The women perm their hair to prevent it from flying all over the place instead of shaving it. They like to show off by playing with water conducting ‘experiments in zero gravity” but fail to explain how they are able to digest food without gravity, have bowel movements and survive in such adverse conditions. They are selling a dream and counting on people thinking they are not able to lie. People lie every day, why are these astronauts any exception. Being an astronaut requires one of the highest security clearances in the world.

Can’t we see satellites from earth, cant we see the ISS?

No, you are probably looking at a weather balloon or a plane. A satellite at alleged distances would be way too far and small to see. Most people who try to capture the ISS fail. The photos that some people allegedly get look really weird anyways, its like some sort of grainy projection… which wouldn’t really be hard to fake.

Isn’t there 24 hour video of the ISS?

No there isn’t in fact, Jeranism on Youtube had a $1000 bet that ISS would not keep up their live feed for more than a half an hour. It would constantly cut out, and go blank for sometimes an hour at a time. Plus, you get bizarre footage of the moon being small as a dot which doesn’t make sense (unless its a special projection). Then the moon turns and illuminates out of nowhere. The footage is surreal. However, a lot of high altitude footage above the clouds doesn’t normally see a large moon like we do on earth. Anomalies like this happen frequently. Most likely, they shoot some of this from a weather balloon with a fish eye lens, then they edit it in post. And the constant outages is to reduce the work load. Some of the footage is clearly CGI. Some CGI can be automated as well combining weather data into a composite for example. They never show the moon crossing the earth which is another major problem. There was one video of the “supermoon” which was almost an insult in how fake it looked.

What about the Coriolis effect?

This effect is an old wives tale. When you fire cannons, sometimes the ball falls right back in the muzzle. Cannons never have to adjust when firing in any direction. And neither do snipers. People who shoot sniper rifles have to get the target in the cross hairs and avoid breathing heavy. Remember, the target is miles away. In fact, a sniper testified about this on a flat earth radio show. Also they say toilets spin in the opposite direction on the south. But that’s ridiculous. If that was true, we would notice the spin way more than we do in almost everything. Water swirls based entirely on the shape of the basin/sink/manufacturer. Hurricanes have been shown to spin in either direction. And considering that we have a huge magnetic field around earth, that could surely effect it. Also if the sun is spinning around us this can cause a heat current expanding and contracting air. It is reasonable to think this can have a small effect on tides and air currents in the case of hurricanes.

So does the earth go around the sun?

No, the flat earth system is Geocentric. The stars, earth and moon go around us. Its not a religious system. Its simply a cosmology. There are no planets in the flat earth system, the stars are not suns but mysterious lights and the moon is a light source not an object to be landed on. The sun circles in a spiral causing seasons and an average temperature around the equator. Depending on how far you are from the equator determines the elevation angles of the sun and the amount of daylight. The sun is a spotlight, and air will eventually block it. The sun and moon almost always set roughly 10,000 kilometers away however there are exceptions with advanced sunrise and advanced sunset. You can check these distances on Suncalc.org from a 90 degree elevation below the sun to a zero degree elevation away from the sun.

What about planets? NASA tells us they are real.

Take a look at the footage of “planets”. Especially footage from the 60s and 70s. The footage is so obviously fake, it would be turning a blind eye to believe it. The reality is, people don’t think to question it. Matt Boylan was a hyper-realist artist that worked for NASA. He used to make textures. When one of his superiors told him the earth was flat, he leaked the information. The flat earth thinks planets are lights that move independently of stars because that is all we observe from the ground. Planets emit light and never show phases. If planets were as NASA described then they should have phases like the moon. People claim planets have phases but there is no photographic progression showing this. Mars never disappears in the sky during its “dark phase”, all planets should be observed doing this from the ground disappearing for long periods of time. But no, they shine brilliantly in the sky. You can see these planets every night if you wish regardless of what NASA says.

Why cant I see New York from England? Why can’t I see stars in the North from the southern hemisphere?

Because there is too much air. Its amazing that people forget that. What’s sad is that you have people like “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and Carl Sagan saying things like this using it as a method to “debunk” flat earth. It shows how unscientific they really are. How many stars you see depends on the clarity of the sky. Obviously the further the star the more air you have to see through. Also, the lower the star is in the sky, the less likely you will see it from far away. So of course there is many stars you will not see from far away. Flat earth assumes stars to be much closer. Some people think stars cannot be seen above the atmosphere, there are conflicting opinions on this. Extremely light sensitive cameras have been fitted on balloons and have not captured much of anything useful. Some people will say NASA takes pictures but of course, this is pretty much the pattern with most of the belief structure of a round earth, almost relying on them for everything.

Why does the sun appear to come in counterclockwise in some places and clockwise in others?

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If you are south of the sun it will appear to come in from one side. If you are north of the sun it will come from the other. Its common sense. Remember its a geocentric model. The same is true for “stick and shadow”. People try to trick Flat Earthers saying a stick and shadow show the shadow spinning counter-clockwise in the south. But that is because the light casts a southern shadow on the stick when crossing in front of it because the sun is north of the stick and above the equator the Sun is south of the stick so it casts a northern shadow crossing behind it. The sun curves in towards you in the southern hemisphere and curves around you in the northern hemisphere. Its actually obvious when you look at time lapse footage.

So the stars go around us?

Yes. This can be proven by time lapse of star trails. Polaris the north star, is seen at an angle. This is completely impossible on a round earth unless you are near the north pole. In most places star trails do not follow the pattern of a spinning ball. Star patterns are reversed in the north and south hemisphere. This shows that they are not as far as astronomers claim since you would be looking at it from opposite angles like going north and south of a pattern on your ceiling. Star trails have been seen spinning over polaris and streaking right by the side of that which does not match the pattern of a ball. Stars get lower in the sky because they are moving further away. They eventually curve away from your point of view due to refraction and are blocked by air.

What is stellar parallax and why does it matter?

Parallax is where objects closer to you appear to move more. Put your hand in front of your face and move it, it moves out of view quickly. Have a friend stand across the room and move his hand, it moves much less. There is no stellar parallax because the stars are all about the same altitude. This proves a flat earth. This is also the reason why NASA claims some stars are up to a billion of light years away. Because you would not be able to confirm if there was a parallax, only they would be able to “confirm” it. However, because of this lie, they need to tell everyone the solar system, our galaxy(milky way) and universe is flat. This is because the stars move along the same altitude/plane and there is no other way to explain it. Of course they love to make things up as they go on about “Quasars” or “Black Holes” or “Dark Matter” or whatever sensationalist space nonsense. They invent theories like “Dark Matter” based on math models without actually knowing if their theory is true. Then they claim those theories are facts, using theories to alter facts instead of facts altering theories. They commonly say they see things 5+ billion light years away… so that’s sextillions of miles. A number so unfathomable its shocking that people think they can see that far (you would think statistically its light would be blocked at that point and what kind of magic optics allows that distance of vision). Paradoxically if there was that many visible stars in the sky (which we can obviously confirm there is not sextillions of lights in the sky) then the entire sky would be lit… what we see is the opposite, it’s mostly dark. The sidereal day and stellar days are faster than the solar day, how can this be if both are supposedly caused by the earths spin? Those days supposedly measure the time it takes the stars to rotate. That should bring in to question “How long is a day?” Of course round earth makes up some excuse saying it appears this way because the earth goes around the sun at the same time. Because light refracts, light would never statistically be able to been seen from millions of light years away. All elements cause some degree of refraction. The probability that light would refract off of something causing even a slight angle change would in turn would cause its light to miss the earth completely. Stars would never keep a stable position in the sky due to refraction. In fact, because of refraction, astronomers will not measure stars below 20 degrees on the horizon because the air refracts it too much. The air alone makes measuring stellar parallax from earth impossible.

What about relativity?

Tesla was one of the greatest minds in history and he didn’t agree with relativity. The speed of light is simply incorrect. When light moves through water it moves slower. When light moves through air it moves slow. In a vacuum its speed would be many times faster. This can be proven by experiments of lights speed on earth. They test in lower atmosphere air. Round earthers love to forget about air and refraction. So in order to fix this problem, Einstein invented relativity. The theory claims the closer you get to light speed, the slower time moves. This helps fix its speed at 300 million meters per second. But the problem is, we see light move slower through gasses and water. Also, there is an amazing video on YouTube by PhD math genius Norman Wildberger where he discusses how relativity is used to correct for latency in satellite GPS technology. He even does the math for you. He’s not a Flat Earther, but it will help you see how the math was needed. The problem with that model, is the “alleged” distances of satellites cause delays of milliseconds when synchronizing clocks. If you used Skywave or low altitude weather balloons no such latency would exist especially if you consider light would move many, many times faster in a more buoyant atmosphere. And why should time slow down as you speed up? That is what “relativity” claimed. So now the speed you move makes you travel through time? Does that make sense? No of course it doesn’t make sense. Or is it simpler to assume they got the speed of light wrong and that we aren’t on a ball. Relativity was also used to combat the “Mickelson Morley experiment” which proved the earth wasn’t spinning because its speed was not effected no matter which direction it was reflected. So without relativity, their entire model falls apart.

What about gravity?

Gravity can be explained by buoyancy, density, pressure and electromagnetism. Things fall at different speeds depending on how dense it is. If you drop a ball in water it falls slower than if you drop in low altitude air. High altitude air, the ball falls faster. It depends on density. Also, considering we have a giant magnetic field around us, that can account for up and down. There is many misunderstood effects of magnets such as the Lenz effect, and other magnetic miracles. In fact, extremely powerful magnets can effect nonmagnetic objects. There is a video on the internet of a powerful magnet from a laboratory levitating a strawberry. So if we already have magnetism, why do we need another force? Newton’s “Gravity” is the only force of nature not found on the electromagnetic spectrum. Sound, light, radio, everything can be measured on the spectrum except gravity. That should tell you already there is a problem with the theory. Also, gravity is never, ever seen lab experiments not even in micro levels. Dust and bacteria or proteins are not attracted to large boulders because of gravity so why would something attract another thing by its mass alone? Gravity is used to conveniently dismiss all logical arguments against a ball. Why does the moon go around the earth and not get pulled away by the sun? Gravity. Why does the air move perfectly with the earths spin giving no evidence we are spinning? Gravity. In fact, Stephen Hawking said “because there is a force such as gravity the universe can and will create itself from nothing”. It gets pretty stupid, you get the idea. Gravity has almost become the new religion. Electromagnetism has proven its ability to cause a directional force! Why would people not assume that electromagnetism is causing the up/down force to the earth? Especially when we already have a magnetic field that can be confirmed with a compass? You would think every scientist would run to the North Pole to test the power of its magnetic field. Also, air pressure can cause a directional force. When you put air in a container and apply pressure, it can cause things to move in the direction of the pressure. Temperature and expansion of molecules can add to the force of pressure since heated molecules get excited and knock into each other from vibrations causing them to expand.

If flat earthers dismiss evidence of NASA photos, who is to say you can’t dismiss their flat earth videos?

There is 100s of experiments you can do yourself. Go to a beach and take a telescope and see how many miles away you can see. Send a balloon to the upper atmosphere, you will see its perfectly flat. Experiment at home with refraction and light. Videos contain a lot of content and when you research you get to hear everyone’s opinion. Science is all about questioning established knowledge. When you can no longer question an idea, it becomes a religion. Research the subject and you will be shocked what you discover. Besides, NASA has been caught lying all the time.

How about the horizon? Can’t I see the curve from a plane?

Of course you can’t. People who think they saw a curve probably didn’t notice if you sit over the wing, the wing and fuselage looks slightly curved on some planes. This is because of the double paned or curved glass on airplanes. Also you should consider the cloud and weather patterns which could effect very slightly the shape of the horizon. Balloons go 20 miles high and see no curvature. In fact, the horizon proves the earth is flat because as you go up in altitude, it rises to your eye level. The horizon is always at eye level. This would never happen on a ball no matter how large. On a ball you would have to look down significantly at the horizon the higher you go, even at 20 miles. Computer models have been done to prove this fact.

What about superior mirages?

Some people try to say that you can see things under the “ball horizon” because the air causes light to bend back to you perfectly with the curve. The problems of that argument are self-evident. First of all, horizontally we can see the horizon spanning 100s of miles without any curve. Remember, that light is visible when it is projected or reflected off of something. This is why when you look into a mirror depending on the angle you view it at completely changes what you see. So for example, the sun lights up the horizon and that light is reflected off of everything it hits. Mirages are usually wavy, you can see for yourself when a boat goes far away you can see little water fractals at the horizon. You can find examples of mirages on the internet. Superior mirage is usually only seen to be “stable” at extremely cold regions because there is less hot air causing disturbances on the refraction. Most of the time, mirages are inverted, upside down, because just like the lens on your eyes it would flip the image. Mirages are very common over lakes and deserts and hot roads because of the heat, water vapor and inversion layers. There is a famous time lapse video of the Chicago skyline from lake Michigan 50 miles away. It should be 1000s of feet below the line of sight. The news tried to call a single photo they received of it a mirage. However because we can see video of the skyline we know its not a mirage. The air is too dense and then you see the air clear away, it reveals the city. There is no wavy mirage like qualities from air temperature or water. Its obvious that you are just looking at the city and they are desperately making excuses. Also, Rob Skiba took a flight to the skyline and filmed it from a boat 40 miles away, you can see the foggy air near the bottom of the city very clearly… and you can see the entire skyline which would be not visible on a ball. Although the bottom of the city is cut off slightly in Robs 40 mile shot, refraction can bend light down from the city to water and bend light up from the water to the city. A change in less than a fraction of a degree is enough to achieve this effect. The cloud of vapor he saw in front of the city can reflect the water over long distances. A color gradient can usually be seen in the water line. There are land examples where you don’t witness as much refraction and mirages. For example the Bolivian Salt Flats you can see for 50+ miles. The high altitude means lower air density, slightly less refraction, less mirages, and better visibility perfect for proving the lack of curvature. And perhaps most importantly, the behavior of mirages change completely when you do not assume a curve. For example, superior mirages are more likely to curve down into the horizon instead of with the “curve”. The calculations change completely. It is best to simply stick to Snells law which is a measurable way to determine refraction.

What are crepuscular rays?

Those are rays that trace back to the sun. We can prove the sun is close because if it was 92 million miles away light would come in at straight angles. Instead what we see is light pointing at angles almost forming a triangle back to the sun. This proves its close. Do the experiment yourself, take a light close, make some holes in cardboard, trace them back placing the light close. Then move the light far away. The angle of the light through the holes will change. You can put some smoke below the holes to see the light better. Also, we can see hot spots where the sun is over the clouds. A nearby sunspot is obviously impossible if the earth was round since that would indicate the sun is close enough to make that imprint. Also, if the sun is a million miles in diameter and a hundred million miles away, then why are these hotspots always relatively small?

So the sun cannot be 92 million miles away? I thought Eratosthenes proved that!?

Its funny how Round Earthers say Flat Earthers believe in 1000 year old theories and then they start preaching about Galileo and Newton and European scientists from hundreds of years ago or more. Eratosthenes was almost 2000 years ago. In science, any experiment needs to reproduced modernly to make sure its true. The experiment to test the suns distance was done with shadows. The problem? They did the math with the assumption of a curve. In fact, if we do that math with the assumption of a flat horizon it shows the sun anywhere from 500-4000 miles away depending on where you measure the Shadow. Round Earth measurements of Shadows on the other hand gave results ranging from 1 million to 100 million miles away. In fact, usually the results have to be thrown out because the shadow points too far away. The margin for error is much higher. The reality is, light refracts and that causes stick and shadow length to change. Recent experiments with light and water have proven that refraction completely changes the shadow. So this is not a reliable method for knowing the suns altitude. The amount of study required to know the entire atmospheric gradient, its effects on light at every altitude is tremendous. And even if you knew that, you would still need to know the angles and method of projection or reflection and lens shape of the original light source. Also, you would need to know if the sun is increasing or decreasing in altitude. And you would need to know its path in the sky. An experiment on light done in a lab is a small scale, when you scale things 1000s of miles the results change dramatically.

So did we land on the moon?

No we did not. This is obviously a large subject but basically astronauts were proven to lie about their journey. In one documentary “Astronauts gone wild”, one astronauts son threatened to get the CIA to kill the interviewer on camera! Others would punch and attack the interviewer who simply asked difficult questions. He would ask about Van Allen Belt, anomalies, heating and cooling issues and the astronauts would literally just make things up as they went. Buzz Aldrin threatened to sue when the interviewer showed leaked footage of them in a plane faking the earth using a curved window that had the astronauts in the shot. To be fair, the film maker did catch them off guard and confronted them. In any case, lighting on the moon was proven to come from multiple sources, the LEM take off was obviously faked with cables on a set. Myth busters tried to claim that the rare elements on the moon caused the strange shadows. However, there was also reflections of the light source and film crew. And Myth busters already proved how it was extremely difficult to move his hand in a little vacuum that was only 3.5 PSI which is similar to being 35,000 feet which is nothing compared to space almost no pressure at all which would make it exponentially more difficult. This is from a video titled “Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Space Glove Vacuum Chamber”. Generally, they make hasty conclusions and it makes you wonder if they had advisement and sponsorship from NASA. People who climb Mt. Everest get edema and altitude sickness from changes in pressure. Yet no astronaut ever has complained about altitude sickness and nobody ever died or was even injured on a moon mission. We use industrial vacuum machines to lift 30,000lb steel tubes, no cables needed. And its no where near the vacuum of space. So imagine how those suits would be ripped to pieces in a vacuum. There was leaked footage of the set and film crew itself which was covered up by a “mockumentary”. When you speed up footage of the moon landing it looks like they are on earth. Some footage was reversed. There is no video of the earth from the moon… that alone is a serious problem. Photos of the earth from the moon show the earth being too small and have been proven to be edited. They could have never moved through the infamous “Van Allen Belt” since they would have died from the tremendous 2700 degree heat and radiation. Also the suits didn’t make sense. How can the glass stop the blazing temperatures from the sun, how can the suit heat and cool when you range from hundreds of degrees above or below Fahrenheit. Anyone who has lived in the cold minus 50 or more can tell you those temperatures are not a laughing matter. So imagine many times more cold than that. They claim wild temperatures from 250 degrees to -250 degrees. Entire documentaries have been made on the heating and cooling of the suits and how ridiculous the claims were. Of course there is problems with the construction of the ships and its just one problem after another.

What is the moon?

Nobody knows. The moon seems to be translucent light source. Its light has totally different qualities than sun light and you can prove that with experiments at home. Many people see stars through the moon and photograph and take videos of that anomaly. Some people think its a holographic projection, others think its a mysterious heavenly body which we don’t understand. There is a reason they call them “Luna-tics” because if you study the moon long enough it will really drive you crazy. However, reasons for why the moon only shows one face have been proposed. Because light refracts towards you, it is highly probable that the moons light bends towards you. If the upper atmosphere is layered with hydrogen and helium, it is also possible more exotic elements like helium-hydride and liquid helium might form depending on the temperature. The atmosphere is layered like a lens. There is many different elements in the atmosphere each having a unique refraction on the light. If the moon is a light, depending on the shape of its lens, it can increase in diameter slightly with distance causing the diameter to always appear the same… the same way a projector increases size with distance. In this case, the size would be relatively stable but not always!! We have proof of the famous “moon illusion” where the moon appears extremely large in the sky at times. This could be due to exceptions in the refraction of the moon or in how light is projected or its distance from the horizon line. Equally, the moon can be any variation of reflection or advanced holography. For example, it could be the result of reflections off the top of a dome, holographic projection and even a lumographic lens that changes appearance with angle. It can be a combination of some of the above ideas. Also atmosphere can magnify light similar to magnifying paper you can buy at the store. The lens shape and refraction angles may have an effect on the phases. The moon is still an object of serious study and we hope to see experiments done on earth to attempt to simulate that using density gradients and projections. A reflection or bent light would explain why the moon mixes in with the blue sky when seen during the day. Cylindrical peppers ghost holograms are sold as toys to make objects appear above a table for example. Using reflections and refractions, many kinds of illusions are possible. This is one of the best kept secrets of stage magicians. Some people like to attribute magical or spiritual properties to the moon and sun and we can see why. It certainly is an amazing light.

So what about orbits?

If you try to do the math for orbits it never works out. That’s why there is so few “open source” gravity simulators for orbits on the internet. The ones that do exist, cannot simulate moons simultaneously with the sun. Some simulators cheat the orbit or do not apply gravity calculations to all the objects and some even round the numbers or they make exceptions for “closer orbits”. They cannot prove that the orbits can last “billions of years” or much less for that matter… without degrading into a spiral orbit either escaping orbit or colliding with each other. The orbit problems are extremely exaggerated in the earth/moon relationship because according to round earth theory, the moon is bigger than Pluto. This makes the earth and moon more of a planet/planet relationship. They estimate the moon to be at 1/6 earths gravity! A tremendously high amount of pull on the earth. Considering the amount of brilliant open source programmers it’s sad to science that this doesn’t exist, but it is not a surprise since modeling this is mathematically impossible (especially moon/sun/earth) without cheating the orbits or adding extra rules or rounding numbers. So how can the moon pull on the earth while the earth pulls on the moon and they don’t collide? If you take two magnets and place them near each other, they collide. So how does science explain a billion year orbit that never degrades. Doesn’t that violate their own “law” of thermodynamics? That things should change with time? That there is no perpetual motion? A teacher at a school used a sheet to prove how “space bends” and would put balls of different weights on the sheet and watch them orbit. The problem is they always spiraled in and collided in the center. They certainly did not orbit each other for more than a few revolutions. The orbit always degraded. They will argue that there is no friction in space but that doesn’t explain why the orbit doesn’t degrade anyways since both balls are pulling on each other. The moon also never gets pulled away by the sun despite the suns supposed pull on it that is many times stronger! Their excuse? The sun isn’t close enough to the moon. Okay so why does the moons gravity/pull on the earth not supersede the suns?! Why isn’t there mini-moons orbiting the moon? You will sadly find out, that modern science doesn’t bother to answer any of these questions. NASA will tell you they have satellites that move 100,000 miles per hour… which is totally crazy if anyone is to believe that. If there were 1000s of satellites around us then why are there no photos of them? And also, if the moon has an elliptical orbit why does its apparent size not change? When we see the moon go around us it turns like a wheel based on where you are viewing it from. They try to say the moon wobbles but we don’t ever get a view of the back side. The earth supposedly has an elliptical orbit but there is no change in temperature or light angles when getting further from the sun. It simply does not match our observations. There is a lot of debate on gyro’s and whether or not they drift. And also how their relationship is with planes and there is many claims they prove a flat earth.

Is there proof that the sun goes around us?

Yes there is. You can watch the sun set from airplanes at high altitudes where the air is less dense. Some people say you will see the suns diameter shrink as it moves far away. People use welding masks and special solar lenses to prove that it is not camera glare and the sun does indeed shrink in diameter within 24 hours. However some people use solar lenses showing the opposite and it is unclear which is propaganda. However, refraction, magnification and projection can cause the diameter to not change as much as expected and this also applies to the moon. When light passes through a lens or through the atmosphere these effects can happen. The more atmosphere, the more refraction and magnification. The fact that it is perfectly balanced does give evidence for an intelligent design. However when you look at a computer you know there was a designer, when you look at a car you know there was a designer. So why when people look at reality do they assume there was not a designer? Especially when you have coincidences like the sun and moons perfect orbits and them perfectly being the same size as each other? Time lapse does show it to change dramatically when a filter is not used and some people consider this to be lens flare. However why does the flare increase when the sun is at 90 degrees and decrease as sun sets causing the sun to change many magnitudes in appearance? At high and dry altitudes on a mountain over the desert can show the sun dramatically decrease in size getting very small. Considering that air is supposed to dilate light this means that the sun should not necessarily be as big when its above us because its shining through less air unless we factor in the sun being brighter during the day. A solar filter cannot prevent the light from being magnified it can only reduce the massive amount of brightness and lens flare. There are some very solid proofs however. For example, you can see the sun curve around you above the equator and it curves in towards you below the equator. You can see the sun shining for 24 hours straight in the “Arctic summer” but no such thing is seen in the south pole. Although there was one alleged clip, it was quickly debunked and actually, it can be debunked further by simply by showing how nobody in the tip of Australia and the tip of South America sees the sun in the south, ever. No, they always see the sun in the North. The suns diameter should dilate and increase during sunset on a round earth but no such change is seen, the reverse is seen. The suns light is seen to “shrink” around it on the horizon proving its a spotlight. On a round earth, light rays would come in straight and light the horizon evenly. Also if the sun was a million miles in diameter, the suns light would completely cover the earth because it would refract to the darker areas especially at the equator. Its unclear why they think the sun can maintain this heat being the size that they claim it is. It is again, a religious belief with no scientific basis.

What are stars? What are planets?

Nobody knows. The planets are different from stars because they do not move with the stars in the sky. Ancients used to call them “wandering stars” because they would move independently. When you zoom in on stars with a telescope, you see amazing images. Some flicker, some changes colors, some look dull, some bright, some flicker, they look completely amazing and different. They look absolutely nothing like NASA images. They are the heavens and called so for a reason. Its true we can see the “milky way” and other beautiful things in the sky but those things are just mysterious and they all have no parallax and the pattern is always the same. They are obviously not billions of miles away. Some people send light sensitive cameras above the atmosphere and were not unable to see stars. More experiments needs to be done there. They are mysterious indeed. Planets emit light exactly like stars do which means they aren’t terra firma.

What about the aurora?

Near the North Pole, we can see tremendous changes in the sky and pretty colors all through the year. But remember, there is a massive magnetic field around the earth. It can cause things like this. It depends on the chemicals in the air. When you heavily ionize particles you change their color. Oxygen may be yellow/green or even red and Nitrogen can appear blue. When they mix they can form other colors. Some claims exist of a fabled “Southern Lights”. But there is a lot of debate about this… since most people hardly ever see them. Some people have tried to pass off Northern lights videos as Southern lights. But even so, there is a magnetic field around us to explain this anyways. Some people think there is a ring magnet around the rim giving us a north and south pole.

What about the tides?

The sun heats the water daily as it goes over it. When things heat they expand, when they cool they contract. Also there is a magnetic field around the earth. Although scientists are still investigating the tides, they are obviously not caused by the moon although the moons path may be related to an electromagnetic or solar heating effect. The moon does tend to be in slightly different positions each cycle. If the moon was capable of lifting trillions of tons of water, it would have collided with the earth ages ago and certainly would effect other things. In the round earth model the moon goes around us monthly, in the flat earth model it goes around daily. The lunar calendar has 28 even days per month. In fact, its a more even calendar. If the moon causes tides how can there be multiple high tides a day? The flat earth system simply determines tides by the suns movement which some have called “cosmic breath”. Some also claim the magnetic north causes water currents.

What about the movement of water and air?

The air and water streams make absolutely no sense on a round earth. If you use flat map projections with the Azimuthal Equidistant map (and there is a few weather pages that allow you to do this), you will see they perfectly circulate on a flat map. On a round map there is unexplainable patches, and the patterns look totally random. The heat patterns, weather patterns, currents, flow perfectly on the Azimuth map.

What about Foucault’s pendulum?

Most Foucault’s pendulums have to be very “large” although this is contradictory because they should work on small scales too, but they don’t, you can research “Short Foucault’s pendulum” and you will start to see a list of excuses. Some claims of mechanical driven pendulums are made, but the manufacturer and method would need to be completely investigated. Museums have been known to recall exhibits they found were frauds such as certain fossils (like many times they will tell you the originals are sealed away and the museum shows replicas, this has unfortunately not always been true). Well, the swing of the pendulum depends on the ball and socket joint and it’s construction, not on the earths spin. There are magnetic pendulums on YouTube showing how a magnetic field can effect them as well. The sun moon and stars spin east to west so it is reasonable to think there is a magnetic field that effects this motion.

The majority of scientists say the earth is round. They can’t be lying!?

There are less than a thousand serious professional astronomers. Its impossible to get paid big money if you contradict mainstream science. Schools will fire any teacher who goes against the status quo. Most people don’t realize this truth because when they take tests in schools they are forced to repeat whatever is in the textbook. Schools do not allow you to question text books or you simply get bad grades and you will never get a job in astronomy. Only unless you don’t think for yourself and question material, will you get an “A”. Neil Tyson and other astronomers have made embarrassing claims, he said the earth wasn’t round but “pear shaped” which contradicted their ball photos. They literally just make things up and expect us to believe them. When you open your mind to consider they are lying… all of a sudden things start to make a lot more sense. It will actually make you start to question a lot of things we are told, not just flat earth. Consider that the CIA loves to hire Harvard and Ivy League graduates. Because they have to work studying until their 30s and they get straight “A” and never questioned the truthfulness of the material. This makes it extremely easy to hire and profile people who will almost never change their minds. No matter how much truth you throw at them they will not be able to handle the idea that the schools they paid so much money for had false information. And a lot of scientists, engineers and military do speak out. But they are ignored. Flat Earth Radio shows are constantly interviewing military people who talk about the Flat Earth. As long as main stream media ignores these people the majority will not notice.

Does flat earth have scientific experiments? Don’t experiments favor a round earth?

No they do not. Round earth has very few experiments, it has no open source orbital computer model gravity simulators, they have a lot of excuses for problems they see arise such as relativity. Most round earth experiments are done by organizations, mostly government run or funded by government approved grants, and they are experiments you can’t independently verify without access to billions of dollars. Flat Earthers do lasers tests, curvature tests, computer models, tons of measurements and tests with light. They use logical arguments, look at thousands of hours of footage, investigate the validity of claims, they investigate companies and airlines, there is almost nothing they don’t research. The tests that you can do at home will always prove a flat earth. Math proves the earth is flat by simply measuring the curvature. Logic tells you by what you see. Occams razor tells you by making less assumptions (things are exactly as they appear, you don’t have to assume the entire galaxy/universe is flat with sextillions of stars and devoid of life, or time traveling light or bending space or unproven dark matter and so forth). The Michelson Morley experiment failed to detect a spin of the earth by splitting light from mirrors. “Airys failure” was a famous experiment which failed to detect a spin by filling a telescope with water. He expected that light from a star would slow down in the telescope and not hit dead center because the telescopes angle had changed. However he called the experiment a failure because he could not prove the earth was spinning. In fact, it was a success for flat earth. Stick and Shadow has a higher margin of error in round earth 1 million to 100+ million(1/100) vs 500-4000(5/40). Regardless of the subject, flat earth always wins when you know the entire theory.

Doesn’t history show the earth is round?

No it shows the earth is flat. Ancient religions, societies. In fact ALL old cultures for 1000s of years knew the earth was flat. Vedic cosmology, Bible, Muslim, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Incan, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and African. There isn’t a single culture on earth that believed it was round. They all knew it was flat. Galileo didn’t have a telephone to call China to tell them about his theory, most of the world never agreed to the idea of a round earth until the creation of government space agencies. And even then the idea was resisted by Rowbotham and others until the popularity of radio and television and “moon landing”. It is extremely resisted today on YouTube and forums. However, “controlled opposition” is set up to prevent people from believing flat earth. The Flat Earth Society used to promote “Universal Acceleration” the idea that the earth was moving upwards exponentially to cause gravity. This idea is used to make the movement look like a mockery and discourage new members. Plus their forums are filled with constant debate and insults confusing and scaring new members away from it. Some of the most vicious verbal abuse is directed at Flat Earthers who are only pursuing scientific inquiry and this is very sad indeed that humanity has not matured beyond that.

Doesn’t this mean that all governments are in on this? It seems like a conspiracy that is too big?!

Not really. Governments are famous for lying. In fact, to maintain a war, governments need to lie. They need to tell the public that air strikes are in their best interest. Obviously killing innocent people never makes sense so you honestly don’t need to look far for a conspiracy. Even recently Bill Clinton apologized for harming and torturing Americans with the MK Ultra experiments done by US Military intelligence of which most of the documentation of the experiments were destroyed however what was released to the public was staggering. The experiments were about using drugs and different chemicals, frequencies, words and other techniques for brainwashing and mind control. This was admitted publicly. So your government admits it to you. Also, there are secret societies you can join today! Want more proof of conspiracy? Join the Masonic temple or the Rosicrucian’s. They are known to keep secrets and engage in some very cult-like behavior. Those organizations also have recruited some extremely powerful people. Some people want to theorize about cloning centers, the devil, a grand illusion and even aliens in order to explain or prove a conspiracy however, there is enough evidence of deception in governments anyways, without the fluff. Also the intelligence agencies keep almost all of their activities completely hidden from the public! Why should we trust a government that classifies 99% of its actions? If the government was honest, they wouldn’t have so much to hide. Would you trust a family member or friend who refuses to give you answers to any questions of their activities and whereabouts? Especially if they were consistently caught lying, engaging in war and embezzlement? Why was Edward Snowden so significant?! Because he told the American people how deceptive the NSA was, spying on their own citizens, bugging routers and even defaming individuals, destroying local businesses with psychological attacks and propaganda and honey pots. One organization cited by Snowden is called JTRIG and it is proof of the government using psychological warfare on its own citizens for its own personal gain. JTRIG documents show the organization is involved in defamation, cyber bullying, and targeting US. Citizens who in some cases have no criminal record but instead were people of interest. There are many organizations similar to JTRIG all around the world. Its no mystery that Russia and the USA have allied on every war. So of course they would also ally to withhold information about space. Being strong allies in propaganda they can definitely play their militaries off of each other to control them. Creating the nuclear scare of the cold war was a perfect excuse for greater secrecy in the intelligence agencies and a great excuse for increased funding in security. Also there is a treaty called the “Antarctic Treaty” where 100s of countries signed to make it so the South Pole was off limits. Nobody is allowed to go there to extract oil, gold or other potential minerals. I thought some countries are incapable of signing simple peace treaties but they can agree on an international no fly zone?! They agreed to allow it to be a no fly zone where the military can protect it. Its easy to monitor incoming ships and planes with radar and balloons near south pole. A single jet or boat can be sent to turn anyone around if they go too far south. And this happens from time to time.

Wouldn’t longitude lines be wider at the south?

Yes and they are! This is proof the earth is flat. Captain Cook circumnavigated the earth and found he traversed 50,000 miles. He and many others saw a wall of ice which makes sense because they are far from the sun so its colder. There is a lot of photos of ice walls and massive glaciers. Also you can measure distances between longitude lines and search for inconsistencies. One researcher had this to say on the subject: “I was working through a flat earth idea this morning and discovered that the longitude distance between Tucson and Charleston (at latitude 32 north) is 36 longitude degrees and so is the longitude distance between Perth and Sydney (at latitude 32 south). In the northern hemisphere, that 36 degree city separation is 2000 miles and in the south it’s almost 3000 miles or 50% longer. When I checked a north polar map projection, with equidistant latitude lines from north to south pole– a good approximation of a flat earth map, the distance between the longitude lines were similarly 50% wider from each other at the latitude.”

So are the maps wrong?

Yes the maps are horribly wrong. Google maps still uses the Mercator projection which shows Greenland being as big as Africa when its actually not even 1/12th the size. You can check the square footage online, so how can such a tremendous error be made? None of the square footage of countries match the projected size on the map. They show the north hemisphere being much larger than the southern hemisphere. Obviously, that should not happen. The Azimuth Equidistant map is the best map. It is a polar projection showing absolutely perfect dimensions for countries making the theory that “south pole is stretched” impossible. Because if the proportions of South America and Africa are correct then how can the earth be a ball to begin with?! Also the Azimuth map is used for HF Radio. Why would they use Azimuth map and not a globe? Azimuth maps are used so much because it is the best map. However its possible no “perfect” map exists. Globe earth proponents say the Mercator projection is bad because its hard to turn a globe into a flat map. But that’s just an excuse and it wouldn’t explain the northern hemisphere covering much more space than the southern one, almost double!! There was the Peterson projection which was better proportioned, why didn’t they use that? The Mercator map shrinks south hemisphere to hide the amount of land it consumes.

What about the equator? Or the tilt?

The equator doesn’t make sense on a globe. They say light comes in at angles causing differences in temperature but South Pole is constantly -100 or worse. This disparity makes no sense because after six months the earth would be tilted towards the sun and six months later away. So how is an equator even possible on a round earth? They claim it explains seasons. However an equator is easy to explain on a flat map since the earth simply rotates above us. If there is axial tilt then why is the equatorial countries always a consistent temperature?

So what explains seasons? What explains day and night?

Easy, the sun doesn’t just go around us, it spirals around us. This can be measured by the suns path and where it rises daily. Its circle is smaller in one season and further south in the next. The sun only heats what is nearby which explains temperature. If you put your hand on a light bulb it burns. The further the bulb moves away the less it illuminates and of course the more air blocking it the darker it becomes. So obviously day and night work just fine on a flat earth. There are many resources bringing the more complex seasonal model on a round earth into question. They say the earth has an elliptical orbit, so wouldn’t the distance of the earth from the sun dramatically effect temperature especially if they claim tiny changes in the angle of the light are causing lower temperatures on the ball? It makes more sense if the sun is closer, heating us locally than if its almost 100 million miles away and a million miles in diameter and able to heat us just magically enough to support life at that size and distance. And how could such a miraculous ball of fire stay lit and produce that much energy? They need to invent an entire religion based on theories of the suns formation and how it supposedly functions. But a local sun is much more realistic since its heat is directly above us. They want you to believe in a miracle “round earth” model and they then laugh at you when you think the earth is simply flat.

What makes less assumptions?

A flat earth. Its what we see, its what we measure and all experiments point to one. And for things we can’t fully explain, we keep researching. Round earth assumes we are blasting through space at millions of miles per hour but cant feel it, the clouds are moved perfectly in synchronicity with earths spin and gravity yet we can’t see any change in weather patterns and we can’t feel the spin, that the sun is a million miles in diameter and heats us from hundred million miles away somehow, that we are the only planet that can support life in the galaxy but its not some sort of miracle that the moon doesn’t crash into us, that the galaxy is flat, that somehow space “bends” due to gravity which doesn’t even make sense because it would have to bend in 3 dimensions. Its honestly more of a religion than all the religions combined. It’s not really science, its “Scientism”. How is it that clouds on a round earth at high altitude spin faster than clouds at lower altitudes? Why is the diameter of the moon almost identical to the suns? How are all these “round earth coincidences” possible especially without intelligent design? Most of the round earth model is logically inconsistent. When something doesn’t work in their model it’s either ignored or excuses are made like saying “The suns pull on the moon is greater than earths but because the moon is closer to the earth the earths pull supersedes the suns. So the theory didn’t fit the facts so we changed the facts.” or like saying “When you approach the speed of light time slows down but it takes 8 minutes for light to reach the earth from the sun but the photon doesn’t experience time. (What about relativity? And why do people think this makes sense?)”. Round earth requires really paradoxical and nonsensical assumptions. Flat earth is zero assumptions, we just take results from scientific experiments. There are some things unexplained in the model (such as “How is the moons light generated?”) and so the scientific method is used to keep researching those things.

What about the earths age?

Exactly! What about it? How was it determined? They are trying to say the earth is billions of years old but historians don’t even always agree on what happened hundreds of years ago. How was that number calculated? Radiometric dating has already been proven to be false. Scientists don’t even bother to explain their assumptions or they make more assumptions or try to overwhelm you with words. The reality is, many labs have margins of error at 90% or more, so its clearly not an exact science. Labs will also throw out data that does not meet their expectations. A lot of times, its based on assumptions about history. It somewhat disregards alchemic reactions that happen in stomachs of animals. It wouldn’t explain how we have diamonds that took so many years to make if carbon somehow decays. How was any of this science proven and determined? What experiment can we reproduce to determine the half-life of C-14 or other elements and what potential flaws exist in these experiments? Can radioactivity be restored to an element? Is any stimulus applied to determine a half-life? Isn’t Atomic Theory still a “Theory”? Why is it assumed that the rate of decay is consistent? What happens when large breaks are taken in between repeat experiments and how does that effect the average? Why do results in C-14 labs vary so greatly? Don’t believe me? There was a case where living snails were C14 dated at 2,300 and 27,000 years old. You can test this yourself. Go ahead and send some live mollusks or snails to a C-14 lab and see what crazy results they get. Regardless there is no proof of the earths age, even less proof of the moons age. It would be impossible to tell the age of anything just by looking at it. For example, if you walk into a room and you see an hour glass filled with sand. Half is at the bottom, can you be sure the hourglass was running half its time? No you can’t because you wouldn’t know when it was turned over, you would not know if sand was added, you would not know if it spent time lying on its side. Any scientist who says otherwise is just not questioning their own material.

What about Bridges and Surveyors?

A bridge in Veracruz was said to adjust millimeters for the curvature. But that is stupid because millimeters would no be significant at all. In fact, probably any bridge is not accurate by the millimeter. If a bridge was adjusted for curve it would have to dip by many feet. Also there was a bridge in China which expanded for 100 miles and its perfectly straight. How is that explained if it needs to curve by 8 inches per mile squared? Surveyors have testified in favor of flat earth because they always survey land based on flat plane mathematics and science. People who build railways never adjust for curves, nobody does because there isn’t a curve.

What about SpaceX?

Any time you want to fly in restricted zones you need to clear that with the military. They have to go through serious hurdles to do experiments. The internet community has highly scrutinized the launches.

What about rockets?

Rockets benefit the military for long range missile testing. Also, it would be more efficient to send helium or hydrogen balloons to space and then use propulsion, why don’t they do that to save money and increase security?! Rocket launches have always dipped their noses, they never go straight up. And why would they? They are blasting through miles of air while being more dense than the air itself and falling. The rockets always make a parabolic pattern. They usually end up in the ocean where boats will recover them. Some people argue they try to send bombs to space or even that they try to propel over the ice wall. But a more simple explanation is, they are testing technology and embezzling money.

Are there other anomalies? What else do people observe?

Some people have seen two moons in the sky, two suns (called sun dogs) and giant objects in the sky. They could be explained by refractive phenomenon perhaps some videos are fake. However many people witness clouds behind the sun or moon, those may also be odd anomalies. It is hard to say what is going on. Some people claim there is a dome and that reflections off of it would cause sun dogs. Again, refraction is an immediate cause that comes to mind. Any people who talk about “Nibiru” may not aware the earth is flat since that would explain many of the things we see in the sky that don’t match the NASA narrative.

What about UFOs and Aliens?

There is evidence of UFOs, the government says they are weather balloons. Perhaps that has some truth in it. Some people say the Hindenburg was sabotaged to destroy the airship industry to prevent people from making large drones and spying on the poles. It would not be hard to imagine how many fast and interesting aircrafts can be made with air ships. And the electromagnetic spectrum is awesome with so many amazing miracles that we witness in electronics. It would not be hard to assume there is military technology for even faster air ships. But regardless, they might just be balloons. Could there be aliens? Perhaps. Some people think there are demons and angels. But those are beliefs and the flat earth is a study of astronomy and physics, not anatomy or spirituality. If you are a fan of “intelligent design” religion or alien theories, the flat earth only strengthens your beliefs. Because its more reasonable that there is intelligent life nearby than it would be to assume they are millions of light years away where they could never reach us. Since we know now that light moves at different speeds in different mediums we know the idea of a light year is already bogus.

What does time lapse of the sun show? What about Arctic Summer? Doesn’t that happen in the south pole?

It shows over and over again the suns light shrinking towards the horizon, an effect only possible if the sun was like a spot light. If the light came in from millions of miles away it would not shrink around the sun at the horizon. Of course, there is the suns diameter changes as well which is caused due to the atmosphere dilating the light. We can also see the sun move over us. The arctic winter and summer happen because the sun is spiraling around the north pole. So when its close it never sets and when its farther its always dark. Nobody can go to the true north pole anyways without military approval. The south pole Arctic summer was debunked. The footage showed problems with the suns glare being too artificial looking, and other weird un natural problems. Regardless, any time lapse can easily be filmed in the North and claimed to be the South. Remember, the government lies a lot so they will do whatever they have to do to convince you of their really broken model. Also footage of the sun in South Pole show the sun swinging inwards in its path and it’s movement matches the flat earth model. The sun will never appear “south” of the south pole (suncalc.org). It will ever appear South of the tip of Chile and you can check its elevation angle. However the sun goes 360 degrees around the North Pole in Arctic Summer. Those contrasting nautical directions don’t make sense on a round earth perspective. It perfectly fits flat earth.

What about compasses and magnetic drift? Didn’t old cultures circumnavigate with the assumption of a round earth?

No they circumnavigated based on a flat earth. They used sextants and star patterns to determine their position. They used the suns position and the seasons as well. Bees use the sun to find food and to communicate the position of food. The sun is extremely useful for navigation especially if you don’t have a compass. The compass works perfectly well, the magnetic drift is simply to explain the poorly drawn maps. On a correct map, the compass would be better. Any variance might be due to different theories in what causes the magnetic field. Some people have theorized its like a giant ring magnet where the magnet actually points south. Others think there is a magnetic mountain called “Mt Meru”. In any case, there is a massive magnetic field and it’s just like any other magnet. The round earth theory will tell you the earth is a ball magnet. Since when have you seen a ball magnet with a north and south pole?! That doesn’t exist anywhere on earth so why would the round earth be one? They say the magnetic poles will even shift. But has this ever happened on a normal magnet? Can this be scientifically reproduced?!

Doesn’t the moon reflect light? What causes its phases?!

In the footage “NASA throws in the trowell” by Jeranism, you can see the moon above the clouds 30+ minutes in. It appears to be a dot then it turns and illuminates after moving around. Now because its NASA that could just be fake. However, many high altitude footage of the moon shows it to be unexplainably small. We always see it large in the sky, so why when we are close to it above the clouds does it seem smaller? So it is probably a highly advanced projection or light source. The moons phases are unexplained, but they vary by season. The moon always shows the exact same face which clearly shows its not a natural object. The round earth model passes that off as a “coincidence” saying it just spins around us at the perfect speed to only show one face. In any case, the moons path around the earth is made daily and it moves in faster circles around the earth than the sun making 28 day months. Lunar calendars used to be quite popular. The round earth tries to explain moon phases as the suns reflection because the moon orbits the earth once per month so its the lit portion. However, that’s unlikely because the moons phases would be reversed 6 months later when the earth is on the other side of the sun. Try finding video footage of the moon setting. Notice any anomalies? Notice how infrequent those videos are? The moons altitude is apparently higher on the Flat Earth model. One day, we saw the moon South of us during the day at 3pm, we expected if the earth was spinning to see it somewhere else at night, at night time we noticed it was still in the South, 12 hours later. Why? The moon is famous for unexplainable observances. It makes more sense on a flat map. The moons phases could be caused by the shape of its lens and a slightly spiral orbit causing the angles to be cut off. It could have to do with how the light is projected and mirrored if you theorize there is holography involved. There are also theories of other translucent discs. Its possible this lens slowly covers and uncovers moon. Videos have surfaced on the internet of third “suns” in the sky and other anomalies giving more weight to the idea of other translucent discs. Also, some people say the moon’s off-set circuit compared to the suns causes it to receive only certain portions of light from the sun and reflect it. In any case, there are alternative explanations the work fine with the Flat model.

What about rainbows? What about comets?

Rainbows may not be caused by individual water droplets. When you shine light though a prism, it splits and surely you can measure that but the problem with this in terms or rainbows is that it would have to do this for each individual rain droplet. Instead its much more logical to think the sun is reflecting off of a dome or that its caused by the shape of the light in the sun itself or possibly by light splitting and bending due to refraction. For example, if you have a dome light bulb, I used to have a light with a dome cover, it would reflect small rainbows on my wall. If you try to make a rainbow indoors with water vapor you can’t do it. But if you run an experiment with water vapor you can make a rainbow outside. You can however make a rainbow indoors if you use a round dome to enclose the vapor or enclose a light. Also this would explain Halos, sundogs and other optical anomalies. Some people think there is ice above us, “waters above and below” … and this could form a dome like structure. If the ice was far enough from the sun, it would rarely melt always being frozen. When the tips of ice from icicles melt that would cause shooting stars and comets. The large chunks of debris would fall to earth, and mostly evaporate in the atmosphere from melting. The debris that does make it, would of course impact the earth like meteors do. This would explain much better the fact that meteors fall from nearby instead of it being “space debris” that travels for millions of miles and magically finds its way to us daily. If the solar system is flying through space at hundreds of thousands of kilometers per hour, how does Haley’s comet always make it back to us after so many years? In fact, what proof is there that the comet passes by us every 76 years?! There may be other reasons for rainbows and comets other than a dome however this is one of the leading theories. More research is needed into the subject. Astronomers do have the ability to predict celestial objects but so did the ancients who believed in Flat Earth! Predicting events resulted from constant observation of the sky and finding patterns regardless of chosen cosmology. And considering Pyramids, Stonehenge and many other structures were built aligned with the stars, we know that the ancient cultures took astronomy very seriously and were more than adept at making predictions. After all, they used sundials that still work today based on a Flat Earth cosmology. One would think after traveling through “space” for the distance of many light years you would see those patterns in completely different positions and the sundials wouldn’t be as accurate.

What about Eclipses?

The lunar eclipse has been seen where both the sun and moon are above the horizon!! There was even video of this on YouTube where the news was totally confused. If the earth is truly the cause of the lunar eclipse then they would have to align perfectly in a straight line. If the moon and sun are above the horizon they are obviously not aligned. There have been other objects seen in the sky, strange black translucent disks. The old societies called it “Rahu”. There is a lot of footage of these disks on the internet. Some people say when those disks intersect with the moon, it causes the eclipse. I’m sure similar arguments can be made for the moons phases. These black disks can be seen around the sun during solar eclipses as well, the solar eclipse doesn’t look like the moon eclipsing it anyways. There is a reason they tell people not to look at the eclipse or you will go blind. Surely the eye being dilated and looking directly at the sun could harm it, in the same way when you transition from being in your home with the lights off to going outside on a bright day. Their theory is that because the sun is easier to look at that we must resist the temptation due to certain frequencies of light still reaching our eye in great amounts (can this be confirmed?). If anything, they want to prevent serious study into the eclipse and regardless, the eclipse cannot possibly be caused by the earth because the moon and sun have been seen above the horizon on various eclipses. The moon and sun could still have some relationship to each other in eclipses.

Is the flat earth a religious argument?

No it is not, however it does give more credit to our ancestors as they were not quite as foolish as everyone tries to make them out to be. There is thousands of religions, and this is not an argument made to strengthen them. In fact, its just science used perfectly, correctly and how the scientific method was meant to be used. In modern day “scientism” there was a famous quote by Einstein saying “If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts.” No wonder they tried naming him man of the century. But what man of science would say such a dogmatic and anti-science statement? It should have been anyone but him. Tesla invented the radio, alternating current and hundreds of other things that literally make up our modern world. Gandhi influenced millions to peacefully resist an army and succeeded. So many great minds went un-noticed. Unfortunately, modern science is very dogmatic and appears religious. They tell you that you are not allowed to question “global warming” and that somehow 97% of scientists agree on it. Well I’m pretty sure that 97% of scientists have never agreed on anything. Its a bogus statistic and is constantly fought but constantly blocked by political dogma.

How can the scientific community be controlled?

The same way most things are. Control the media. Control the text books, control the testing procedures, how schools are run, what grants get funded. If you own all the major media outlets you can mock and ridicule theories you don’t like. Everybody knows the media is controlled and this is also true on the internet. There is many things you can’t find on Google. In fact, Google has been shown lying about the curvature of the earth in the first result it lists showing it to be 8 inches per miles instead of 8 inches per mile squared. Of course its not 8 inches per mile because that’s a straight line, not curved. You can of course prove this by using a curvature calculator. This is why many people turn to Tor or the “Darknet” for their information. Sadly, it is hard to find good information because of how the internet is controlled.

So how is the internet opinion controlled?

They are called internet Schills. There are many articles about the majority of wikipedia edits coming from IP addresses that trace back to CIA data centers. Also there is many links and articles proving the government makes fake profiles on social media, buys software for making fake profiles and posts from fake profiles daily. Most of the time they simply ridicule flat earth. They say things as cruel as “If you believe in this you should kill yourself” or “What a moron you flattard” and general harmful ad homonym remarks. They never debate facts or they change the subject. Sometimes they are just bots. They will sometimes take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the subject forcing you to study more or asking you unanswerable questions. However when you point out serious problems in the ball theory they don’t care about defending it since they just say that’s what the majority believes so it must be true. Obviously we can see the majority is usually uninformed about most things. And if you do believe in Flat Earth, you may have to face friends who might insult you if you don’t handle the conversation with care since very few people want to consider that they learned lies in school. This can greatly alienate you. This is more than enough to control internet opinion. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t do it. It’s sad to think child like insults can actually change how people think, but it seems to work. Most people are too lazy to take a serious interest in the subject. I have sent videos to friends who insulted my beliefs and they would always say they didn’t even bother to watch a single minute of it. There is a famous saying “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance”. You can’t honestly insult an idea you have never truly researched. Research the sun moon and stars and you will be rewarded with inspiration.

How was Cavendish experiment done?

It cannot be reproduced. In fact, most people think he just reverse engineered the gravitational constant based on his assumption of the earths diameter. Also is it not strange that the earth tilts at 66.6 degrees?

What is the vanishing point?

The vanishing point is a part slightly above the horizon where things tend to disappear beyond it. This is mostly caused by air density although some people argue that perspective lines converge and then diverge. In any case, as things move further away they get smaller and appear lower, even if they maintain the same altitude. Its easy to observe this, look at your ceiling and see for yourself. In art class the horizon and perspective is taught. Schools a long time ago taught projective geometry, a subject that is beautiful and helps students learn how to do math in three dimensions. Unfortunately, it’s not taught in most schools unless you are at the PhD level and even then it is not usually taught.

Can anything else cause things to disappear on the horizon?

Yes, your eye and any camera have a curved lens. If you look at fish eye lens videos of the horizon, things far in the distance curve dramatically. It is reasonable to believe that at some point the lens can make things converge to a center point and lose visibility. This can limit your viewing distance. And after the sun “sets” the sky is still filled with light. Light can only travel so far. In the water, it can only go a few meters in the extreme depths of the ocean. So all these things play an important role in optics and what the limit is to your vision. The distance light can illuminate something is an entirely different effect. An area can be lit without us being able to see the light source.

Star patterns change if I’m north or south of them. And what if I go north a thousand miles and then do a right angle turn an make a triangle doesn’t that prove a round earth?

There was some sort of “proof” that involved going tremendous distances and turning in a triangle and you would return to where you came from because the earth is a ball. But first of all that doesn’t make any sense, nobody would ever attempt that. Second, if that was true, similar experiments should work with smaller distances and lastly, those wouldn’t be straight lines to form a triangle and the use of a compass would cause you to go in a curve on a flat earth since North Pole is in the center. Star patterns do change when north or south of them and that proves a flat earth. Look at something on your ceiling and go north of it, then walk south of it. The pattern flips when you observe it from the opposite direction. One position would appear right side up, the other upside down. This actually proves stars are closer to us! Since the stars position can be triangulated. Also, they try to say that stars spin counterclockwise over the South Pole star and clockwise when looking to the North Pole Star. This is true! In fact, it can’t be any other way! And that again, works perfectly fine in a flat earth and in favor of it.

Why do stars rotate clockwise around Polaris and Counterclockwise and clockwise around the south?

There was a lot of debate on the internet about this. Its extremely simple. So take a look at your car. When you witness a car drive forward from the outside, the driver side wheel always turns counterclockwise. The passenger side wheel always turns clockwise. The reverse is true if you are under the car. The same effect of rotations is true for a dome. Look at the top of a lid and rotate it counter-clockwise. Now look at the rim. The rim appears to rotate clockwise! Everything goes from East to West in the sky. There also seems to be a huge debate in astrophotography that time-lapse videos of the “celestial south pole” is being faked. Some people claim they use special filters, dome cameras, wide angle, mislabeling shots of Northern Stars. or even simply CGI. Regardless, there is actually a lot of footage that conflicts with these time lapse instead showing the milky way and southern cross streaking across the sky in a slight curve and looks nothing like Polaris time lapse. The stars are said to have a 1 degree shortage in their rotation. There was a brilliant video discussing this and the sidereal day. They showed pretty conclusively that the stars went east to west. There is other time lapse that shows stars moving streaking lines right besides spirals. In any case, it is completely possible to have this pattern(like a hurricane pattern in between the rotation with stars going above and below it). Like explained, the top of a dome will appear to rotate counterclockwise and the sides would appear to rotate clockwise. You can test this yourself by rotating a salad bowl. On the Azimuth map, Ausralia is on the opposite side to Africa and South America. So it is possible that there is a large spiral traced clockwise by the stars on each end. However like previously stated many of these videos are in dispute. The distance of the stars would determine whether or not it would be easy to detect variations in the southern angle, after all, in the Azimuth map longitude lines are much large the further south you go. This plays a huge role in perspective of the stars. There are videos of crepuscular rays and anti-crepuscular rays which shows how the suns light angled up can rise in the horizon and the same theory has been applied to stars going across a dome pattern. When curving around a dome this can effect the way you see the stars. Also there have been other solutions and experiments proposed with rotating discs of projected light off a parabolic mirror however there are already many simple explanations.

What about tours to Antarctica? Can’t we see the edge? Won’t well fall off the edge?

Sure, people can go south and what does that prove? They will never take you there for long periods, they usually take you to a popular destination called “Deception Island” because they consider it the “safest harbor”… and yes, that is its real name. Sort of interesting that “NASA” means “to deceive” in Hebrew. Plus, the internet research community has found that the same guy has registered all the domains and controls them. Jeranism does a great exposé on Antarctic tours. First of all the price is in the five figure range, which only the ultra rich can afford. The domains for these extremely expensive and cruises are owned by a military member who works closely with presidents and senators. Many people complain about the insane cost of the trip, which obviously prevents 99% of the world from going. Some people who book it are met with delays and problems. Of course, nobody knows what is beyond Antarctica for several reasons. For one, the deep south is extremely cold more than -100 degrees which makes electronics drain quickly and makes survival a daily challenge. Even flying is an extreme risk at those temperatures. Also, there is a humongous wall of ice being as high as 10 miles in some claims. There is a lot of evidence of these massive walls of ice, which most likely are caused by the water being further from the sun and freezing. However, the biggest issue is, ever since the Antarctic treaty, the military has restricted the south pole to pre-approved tours and scientific expeditions. If you go there without permission, your boat or plane will be intercepted by military. It’s a lot easier to patrol than people think since almost nobody goes down south anyways. They can monitor the area with radar using weather balloons for example. And any private expedition to go there is extremely dangerous anyways. Who needs to patrol an area that gets -100 degrees with giant walls of ice?

Has there even been any flights over Antarctica? Circumnavigating the earth over the South back to the North?

No there hasn’t and that is some serious proof that the earth isn’t a globe. Sure people fly south, but never too far south because they complain of the cold, no-fly zones and other excuses. There was one alleged attempt which was impossible to verify. If the earth was a globe, South America would take advantage of those routes to go to Africa the exact same way America takes advantage of North Pole routes. Although, the disparity in temperature makes a big difference. Why is the north and south pole not similar temperatures if the earth is round? Also, shipping routes are also met with extreme delays when they go off the beaten path. In fact almost all shipping routes and flight paths are focused on the North Pole.

So what about flights from Chile to Australia? Are there no direct flights on the Southern Hemisphere?

You can Google those flights and you will see videos like “Vuelo Qantas QF28 SCL-SYD, sobre la Antartica 08_11_2014” where people are innocently filming their flight. The problem? It unexplainably goes over ice in the video and it wouldn’t be going over Antarctic ice. When you look at their globe model, the fastest flight path for a direct flight from Chile would be a straight line West. It would never go south. So you would never see ice! The passenger confused the Arctic ice for the Antarctic ice and who could blame him? He didn’t realize they flew him north. They can do this path without touching land. The GPS in a similar flight disappears over the ocean, a guy complained in Spanish about it. Those planes are special planes and several videos have been done covering this. I’ve heard the flights are commonly cancelled and delayed. If the flight is 13,000 miles on the Flat Earth to Aukland for example, the plane would have to increase up to 1000 miles per hour. The fastest commercial Airline was the Concord at 1300 mph so its reasonable that they can increase speed above the clouds and use a faster plane to do so. If the flight is computer controlled with instruments being computer controlled the system can trick the pilot. Evidence has been presented favoring a hybrid of these ideas. However, such a speed isn’t needed. If you check Google, the Aukland and Sydney specifically say its always delayed 30+ minutes… which means they are not reporting times correctly making the average speed needed lower yet again. Most people don’t know they were lied to. People think if the plane flew along the “curve” that it would take even longer on Flat Earth. But that isn’t necessary, the Pacific Ocean is mostly water. Also those “direct flights” are extremely small in number. But the problems don’t end there. The times reported online are never accurate, they trick you with the time zones or give bogus information on the booking site, they make you call to book the flight and change you to a flight that isn’t direct, they are frequently cancelled and they charge hundreds of dollars more than they should (because its more gas obviously than you are expecting and they want to prevent people from booking it). Lastly, they almost always do “pit stops” for gas. Even the alleged plane and tank capacity has been analyzed. In fact, you will have a lot of fun looking at the crazy flight paths planes take. South Africa to Australia makes an insane detour all the way to the Northern Hemisphere. Some paths make absolutely no sense on the Mercator map or Globe, flights will appear to go thousands of miles out of the way on a globe. But on a Flat Earth they are almost always straight lines. In fact, its shocking. Want to fly to Asia from the USA? Don’t be surprised when they fly you North. Go ahead and check the flights for yourself. See where they make their layovers and try to make sense of it on a globe.

Is there a summary of this theory?

The earth is observably a flat plane. It is surrounded by ice and beyond that is not known. The sun moon and stars rotate around us. The sun and moon are usually not visible beyond 10,000 kilometers at sea level. Light from the sun and moon are being refracted, magnified and bent both towards and away from us depending on the layer of atmosphere. For those reasons combined with optics and perspective cause the sunset. Perspective causes things to converge to the horizon as they descend and move. The light may also be effected by a dome by either reflecting off or through it. If there is a dome, what it is made up of is not known however if it is made of ice or earthen materials, it could explain comets. The other possibility is that light is simply being magnified and bent by an atmospheric gradient. Holographic and optical elements may be at play as well. The sun and moon maintain similar sizes to each other and both have a spiral path around us. The stars are visible up to a certain point until intersecting with air and they appear to circle east to west always around a dome like pattern causing the exact perspective we see. Stellar parallax is not noticeably observed and attempts to measure it are thwarted by refraction. Zooming in on stars reveals their mysterious nature and the true nature of the sun moon and stars remains unknown including the cause of rotation and origin of the light. The moons phases could be caused by a lens effect, a holographic effect, or an effect from how much of the suns light it receives or a second semi-translucent disc or obstruction. The suns and moons eclipse is caused similarly by an unknown obstruction or lens effect and they may be involved in each others obstruction. The sun moon and stars rotate east to west. The spiral path of these rotations causes the seasons. The heat exchange in the water could effect tides which can also be influenced by the magnetic field around us. The magnetic north pole may also be accompanied by a southern ring magnet. The magnetism causes the aurora by ionizing air and might effect light as well by bending it. People can circle the earth because the north pole is in the center and a compass will always point to it. The magnetic force can be detected by compasses and may cause other effects seen on earth. The electromagnetism may cause the downward force of gravity. Gravity is effected by density, buoyancy and air pressure. Things can disappear and be cut off from the bottom on the horizon due to refraction and compounded air primarily. Evidence for this is seen in mirages. Evidence for the suns refraction is seen in “Advanced Sunrise” and “Delayed Sunset”. The Azimuth map is provably better proportioned that any other map and it is used as a utility constantly. It better fits projections for temperature, radio, proportions and distances. The government unfortunately tries to hide this in a compartmentalized way by faking contradicting evidence, clearly blatant CGI, computer models based on assumption, math based on assumption, ignoring contradicting evidence to their model, which in turn brainwashes students and citizens. They also use organizations similar to JTRIG to propagandize it, control the opinions of children and adults by full control over the media and school system, control the air space and flight, and they engage in censorship and ridicule. The motive for hiding this is unknown and some think it is to hide intelligent design or to hide land and control our minds. The model for flat earth makes less assumptions. However it is based on positive results from scientific experiments, logical arguments, and the flat earth can even be made into a computer model. A computer simulation of all the principals discussed here can be programmed in an open source format simulating refraction, magnification/dilation, atmospheric density, gravity and electromagnetism. This model would accurately follow scientific principals. It would better match our observations.

If you read this far…

Then hopefully this document/FAQ will have opened your mind and shown you that the concept of Flat Earth is more than just a passing fad. We hope you enjoyed the information in this document. It’s a result of years of research, if you find small omissions or errors please consider the volume of material and concentrate on the parts worth keeping and investigating. The search for truth is an individual journey. We are not here to “change your mind”. This document was to answer common questions as thoroughly as possible to our ability based on immense volumes of research. We do not want you to walk around for the rest of your life feeling cheated or lied to unable to trust authority again. On the contrary, sometimes it rains, then the rain clears and the sun comes out and shines bright. A Halo appears over the sun. And you smile. Because nothing lasts forever… empires fall, things change. One day history will laugh at this, amazed at how humans constantly fought over trivial things. Some day we hope schools will actually teach children to sew, cook, farm, use chemicals, botany, manage a bank account and business, program, construction, make electronics, repair cars, create art, use a telescope, perform experiments, inquire, meditate, play games and sports, socialize, learn to be kind and peaceful, get in touch with spirituality and just learn things they can use. Instead of filling their minds with theories of old men/fools for 18 years. There are many people who can be trusted even in the government sector(compartmentalization), just not at the highest positions. And since we are not at the status of the “Queen of England” or Rockafeller or Rothchild status we have no idea what it is like to be them. We don’t know what they fear, experience and how they are controlled. Perhaps they live sad lives… although we don’t want them in power, we don’t know where the chain of command ends, we don’t know who is running the show. But we do know the chain begins with YOU, the reader. This document is not meant to alienate you. On the contrary!! We would like you to use your instincts and start to question some of the science you were taught. Realize that a lot of theory became dogma, that dogma became religious scientism and many people fear losing it. People don’t like to make mistakes. But losing it may be the best thing that will happen to you. Because you will start to learn new things and the new things you will learn will make more sense to you. This is not limited to flat earth, it expands to the pharmaceutical industry, “atomic theory”, “viruses”, “DNA”, propaganda and other sectors of science that are based on things you can’t see or verify for yourself. The flat earth is an idea that has stood the test of time, it is ancient wisdom with thousands of years of cosmology behind it regardless of how people try to rewrite the history books. We want you to trust your own instincts. And if the subject of truth interests you then we hope this has opened a door. At the very least we know that we can start with a clean slate, a blank page with which to explore new horizons. In this way, we can be inspired to simply believe in the unknown.

Original YouTube Video by  Research Royal Rife


2 thoughts on “Flat Earth FAQs by Research Royal Rife

  1. Stacey McStationary April 18, 2018 / 8:17 am

    Awesome, thanks for posting this!
    I’ve been answering these questions on Twitter but I was missing a lot of relevant information.


  2. muhammad May 28, 2018 / 2:17 pm

    my nigger
    stop wasting your time,if the earth was flat, all the world will witness day and night same time.if the bible and quran says it,it doesnt mean god said it its jesus and muhammed saying it.God cant be wrong about his creation.


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