Was Foucault’s Gyroscope Claim a Croc of Merde?


It’s sad to realise how few people are aware of this apparent monumental happening in human history.

I am of course referring to the experiment, carried out by Leon Foucault in 1852, where he neatly and undeniably proved the Earth to be a spinning globe. Most people have heard of Foucault’s Pendulum experiment, but few that I have interacted with have ever heard any mention of his Gyroscope follies.

How is it, that we have countless examples of Foucault’s fraudulent pendulum in key places of learning and influence, yet not a single gyroscope display adorns the Establishment halls that I’m aware of. Surely, if the humble gyroscope could provide a convenient and affordable demonstration of one of the most hotly debated subjects on the plane(t), then we should see them in every museum, library, university, school and town hall. But no…

We are given (last paragraph) summaries of this paradigm shattering experiment, admitting it’s cleaner and tidier, but we’re told to ignore it as it doesn’t have much bang for it’s buck compared to a swinging plumb bob.


Telegraph gyroscope foucault 2 Screenshot from 2016-01-10 14:16:42.png

Telegraph gyroscope foucault Screenshot from 2016-01-10 14_16_00.png

So we are left to wonder what exactly this experiment was all about and how was it conducted. This is where things start to get very murky. Ok they didn’t have YouTube and iPhones to record and communicate the event in those days. However, one would have thought, for exactly this reason, they would have gathered meticulous, vast and varied data and diagrams of all aspects of this so-called revelation.

Sadly, I’ve not had much luck in uncovering the details of this experiment. Not even enough to repeat it for myself, test it, measure it, recreate it to any degree of known accuracy. On this one, the “Scientific Method” seems to be a bit lacking.

I’d like to know every detail about this ground breaking experiment, weights, measures, friction, torsion, materials, time, speeds, RPM, MPH – You name it. All the same demands that are made on my experiment should have been made on this experiment from over 150 years ago which is still postulated as undeniable proof by the mainstream media (at least) and many of the Borg ™ on twitter and YouTube

I have read that Foucault’s original gyroscope was hung by a wire, ran for 10 minutes via a cog and crank mechanism, rotated at 2000 rpm and was measured by the aid of a telescope and nano-degrees. Is any of this true, I have no idea. An experiment of this magnitude should be well documented, but isn’t……so……

I thought this would be an excellent experiment to recreate with modern high precision technology and electric motors. So I did…

Can a gyroscope tell if Earth is a spinning ball?

Here’s is a great follow-up on Foucault’s Gyroscope experiment by Rob Durham, along with conclusive proof from an aviation gyrocompass that the Earth is not moving



And finally…watch my latest experiment proving the bearing in the gimbal setup on my gyroscope is more than capable of registering the supposed turn of the Earth


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