Does Gravity affect Gyroscopes

I love this twitter thread


Flat earth proof 2016 – THE EARTH DOESN’T MOVE GYRO PROOF!

Gyroscopes and Gravity



So, does gravity affect gyroscopes? well as they are claimed to be in the ISS, the Shuttle, Satellites & Probes, then I guess gravity does not affect the humble gyroscope, Though many disciples of the Church of Scientism will defend the pleas of gravity in answer the top graphic.

And finally (Thanks to Nick at Phuket Word for compiling this)

“A practical demonstration of real physics with a gyroscope by physics lecturer Walter Lewin (not a FEer) that proves gyroscopes can only work above a flat, stationary earth; not a spinning globe. Gyroscopes are simply not affected by gravity. FYI. PENDULOUS VANES SERVE TO KEEP THE GYRO IN ORIGINAL POSITION – NOT TO FOLLOW ANY CURVE!” [ED. for more information on pendulous vanes see this blog post here

Link to full lecture: 

To find out if a gyroscope can tell if the earth is a spinning ball & further gyro/gravity talk , click  here

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