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Resources For The Stationary Plane

The Great Gyroscope Bearing Friction Test (finally)

Peer Review Fraud: The Back Bone Of The Religion Of Scientism

Flat Earth FAQs by Research Royal Rife

Flat Earth Documentary & Transcript by Research Royal Rife

Why The Stars Are Not Light Years Away

Welcome to the Borg

Is The Earth A spinning Ball

Was Foucault’s Gyroscope Claims a Croc of Merde?

Impossible Moon Phases

Is Foucault’s Fraudulent Pendulum a Religious Tool?

Was Samuel Birley Rowbotham A Nutter? Let The Free Press Decide…

The Great Moonlight Temperature Experiment

Does Gravity affect Gyroscopes

Was Foucault’s Pendulum A Fraud

Tesla Resources


Was Tesla On The Plane?

21 FAQ’s on The Stationary Plane

A Short Flat Earth Twitter Interview With John Savage (a.k.a @SwearyG)

Unlearn Gravity

Chronology of 500 Year Deception and Flat Earth

Was Einstein a shitbag?

Unlearn Satellites

If you are new to Flat Earth …

What Did George Orwell Think About The Flat Earth in 1946?

Can a gyroscope tell if Earth is a spinning ball?